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Spring 2024* 
Registration and Schedule
*schedule subject to changes, return here for updates

We ask that all participants watch for changes with state/local mandates during the duration of our training to prevent the disruption of Alaska-based businesses and help keep industries running at full steam!

How It Works

1. First-time students must take the $145 online class prior to a field exam.​ You can register a first-time participant for the online class when you register a participant in one of the field exams.

2. The online class only has to be taken once.

3. Field Exams are held in the Spring and Fall in the following locations: Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Valdez, and Kenai, and Prudhoe Bay/Deadhorse.​

4. There is no night certification in the Spring for the State of Alaska. In the Fall, night certification exams are held only at the Deadhorse, Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Valdez locations.

5. The field certificate is valid for six months.

Online Course 

Available every season for first time participants.

Apr 1 - Juneau

DAY       9am           $510


Fire Training Center, Sherwood Lane (across from DMV)

Apr 3 - Anchorage 1

DAY         1pm          $245

                 2:30pm    $245


1600 Lidia Selkregg Lane - Russian Jack Park

Apr 6 - Kenai 1

DAY         1pm           $455


35350 Kalifornsky Beach Road (Hilcorp’s KGF facilities - call the number on the gate if you find it closed)

Apr 12 - Kenai 2

DAY        1pm           $455


35350 Kalifornsky Beach Road (Hilcorp’s KGF facilities - call the number on the gate if you find it closed)

Apr 19 - Fairbanks

DAY          1pm          $395

             2:30pm         $395


Fire Training Center, 1710 30th Avenue

Apr 22 - Valdez

DAY          9am         $510


Valdez Civic Center, 110 Clifton Drive

Apr 24 - Anchorage 2

DAY         1pm          $245


               2:30pm      $245  


1600 Lidia Selkregg Lane - Russian Jack Park

Apr 27 - Deadhorse 1

DAY         9am          $625  


Alaska Clean Seas, Spine Road


May 11 - Deadhorse 2

DAY         9am          $625  


Alaska Clean Seas, Spine Road

Valdez Convention Center Field Exam

Kenai BEACON Field Exam

Valdez Alyeska Pipeline Terminal Field Exam

After Registration ​

Please have all participants read the "Arrive Prepared" section on this website.


Requests for copies of certificates are free for the first year. Certificates over one year old will cost $25 each.


Registration will be confirmed by invoice and you can print the invoice directly from the registration portal at the time of registration. We now take payments online directly through the portal as well.  There is a 5% discount for early payments. A final invoice will be sent after the last field test if the balance has not yet been paid. Terms are net 30. Certificates are emailed pending full payment. Please login to the registration portal to make payments.

Participant Cancellation Policy

We offer a 100% refund with 2-week notice. If there is equipment failure or a field exam cancellation AER will reimburse participants unable to attend any re-scheduled or alternate field exam.

Trouble accessing the online registration?

Participants may “Walk-on” during the field test of their choice and register there by signing the participation roster we have available on site. There is plenty of space for everyone at all sites. If people who have not been registered before are going to show up, they should first take the online class prior to arriving to the field exam. 

Having trouble in the registration portal, or with the online class, please email Shawna Popovici at the email listed on the About Us page.

The $145 online course, required of first time opacity readers, is taken any time prior to the field exam.

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